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OpenTag Extensions

OpenTag Extensions are both new helper-libraries as well as feature extensions or patches to any other component of OpenTag. Quite often, driver callback variants get implemented here, as do application protocol formats and other such miscellany.

Name Status Description
applets_capi Alpha Frequently-used communication “applets,” each one manages a single type of DASH7 session/dialog. These all utilize the low-level OTAPI-C API for building requests & sessions. You can reference these applets to make your own server-side applets, which you will need to make if you wish to create a higher level application protocol API between client and server.
applets_std Beta Frequently-used interface control applets for kernel callbacks. For example, there are applets for controlling LEDs as the radio is turned on and off, sending logs, etc
bintex Beta BinTex is a “markdown” typically used on clients for nicely representing mixed-notation (string + hex + decimal) datastreams in an efficient yet human-readable way. This module can parse a BinTex string and output the binary stream.
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