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OpenTag Built-in Applications

OpenTag includes some applications for evaluation and demo purposes. Developers can use them for reference purposes, demonstration, productization, or whatever. Below is a list of all “official” OpenTag apps distributed with the “official” build. If I become aware of unofficial apps, I will find a place on this Wiki to list them as well.

Supported Boards

Boards Main Article
A “board” contains at least an MCU, a radio, and associated components. There are several boards that OpenTag officially supports. A perceptive engineer can port OpenTag to a new board very quickly (under an hour) as long as the board uses a supported platform and a supported radio.

Supported Platforms

At present, OpenTag supports several computing platforms. A computing platform is usually an OS environment (like POSIX) or a microcontroller (MCU). The list is growing. For more information about each platform, check the OpenTag Platform Page.

Supported RF Transceivers (Radios)

A typical OpenTag board contains an MCU and some type of 433 MHz RF transceiver. It might contain other things as well, but, at its core, OpenTag does not really need anything other than an MCU and a radio. Check the Radio Main Page for more information about radios that OpenTag supports.

Supported Applications per Platform

Table Legend
Green: Implemented and tested
Yellow: Not Implemented and tested yet, but possible and on the schedule
Red: Not possible on the given platform

Subdirectory Brief Description POSIX CC430 MLX73xxxEV SX12xxUSB
Client_MPipe MPipe Client Console App
Custom User App Template
Demo_Blinker Beaconing from file data
Demo_LF 125kHz SRX + DASH7 (2)
Demo_PaLFi 134kHz HDX + DASH7 (1)
Demo_PingPong Ad-hoc Ping Pong
Demo_Opmode Changing Opmodes

(1) TI PaLFi+CC430 SiP is a special version of CC430, including a half-duplex 134 kHz transponder (similar to ISO 18000-2 HDX spec).
(2) The MLX73290 includes an 125 kHz simplex receiver, of the spec often used for TPMS. Other MLX73xxx series devices may not have it.

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