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LF Demo App

Under construction

The LF Demo app is a built-in application for OpenTag that is not currently complete. It will contain an indeterminate number of sub-applications, all of which use the 125 kHz simplex LF spec used in TPMS (Tire Pressure Management Systems).

Platforms Supported

Platforms that are able to run the LF Demo App must have a simplex 125 kHz transmitter or receiver in addition to OpenTag. The MLX73290 platform is an example of a device that has a compliant 125 kHz receiver.

Files Involved

The normal group of application files, stored in directory /Apps/Demo_LF/Code, are used with the LF Demo.


  • Basic Build Configuration (build_config.h)
  • Application Configuration (app_config_LF.h)

C Files

  • Main application file (LF_main_[platform-name].c)
  • transmitter subroutines (LF_transmitter.c)
  • receiver subroutines (LF_receiver.c)

Build Instructions

The LF Demo works fine with debug or release modes of operation.

Default Configuration

The LF Demo uses a _ _ _ configuration. You can see the full configuration file at /Apps/Demo_LF/Code/app_config_LF.h, which follows the normal configuration format.

The configuration allows the following application usage:

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