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Blinker Demo App

The Blinker app is a built-in application for OpenTag that has two sub-applications:

  1. Beacon Device: All it does is send beacons
  2. Receiver Device: All it does is listen for beacons

The Blinker app is useful for testing the following OpenTag functions:

  • Basic TX and RX
  • Beacon Cycle routine
  • File System usage with beacons
  • Application-level synchronization (optional)

Platforms Supported

All completed, official platforms support the Blinker Demo.

Files Involved

The normal group of application files, stored in directory /Apps/Demo_blinker/Code, are used with the Blinker Demo.


  • Basic Build Configuration (build_config.h)
  • Application Configuration (app_config_blinker.h)

C Files

  • Main application file (blinker_main_[platform-name].c)
  • Beacon device subroutines (blinker_beacon.c)
  • Receiver device subroutines (blinker_receiver.c)

Build Instructions

Blinker Demo works fine with debug or release modes of operation. There are no special instructions for building except that the BUILD_MODE preprocessor definition from /Apps/Demo_Blinker/Code/build_config.h should be set to BLINKER_MODE (0) or RECEIVER_MODE (1) in order to build for one mode or the other.

Default Configuration

The Blinker Demo uses a pretty minimal configuration, so it is good for testing just the basics of OpenTag for early versions of ports. You can see the full configuration file at /Apps/Demo_Blinker/Code/app_config_DemoBlinker.h, which follows the normal configuration format.

The configuration allows the following application usage

  • Filesystem is read/write only (no create/delete).
  • ALPs are disabled, so you have to configure setup parameters at build-time.
  • MPipe is enabled, and used to log activity for blinker (notifications of beacon) and receiver (notifications of reception).
  • -
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