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JP Norair

JP Norair (John Peter Norair) is the owner of, a website to support DASH7 and OpenTag efforts. JP is primary author of the DASH7 Mode 2 Specification and the creator, lead developer, and BDFL of OpenTag.

Mini Bio

JP's birthday is 20 July 1981 and he is originally from Washington DC. Since leaving DC he has lived in Princeton, New Jersey (University), Melbourne, Florida (1st job), Palo Alto, California (2nd job), San Francisco, California (3rd job), and in 2015 he moved to New York City for a change of scenery. He maintains an invention lab in the South St. Seaport district of Manhattan.

Things JP likes that are work-related:

  • Signal and image processing
  • Communications theory
  • Building antennas
  • Code optimization

Things JP likes that have nothing to do with work:

  • Belgian beer and food
  • Russian spas (banyas)
  • Driving way too fast in San Francisco at night, when no-one is around
  • Playing football (soccer) and tennis
  • Dvorak Keyboard (used for all of OpenTag)
  • Chartreuse (favorite drink) and chartreuse (favorite color)
  • Absurdist comedy
  • Heavy metal


Twitter: jpnorair
Skype: jpnorair
Facebook: Facebook Profile
Linked-in: Linked-in Profile

Email Contact

jpnorair@[figure it out]

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